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    I have a sprint pre minus running WebOS 2.1.0. I don't think it should run at 500mhz cause thats just weak and slugish so im going to install a kernel. I know that most of the kernels are still in the experimental but im ready to risk it. I tried the 1ghz and it works fine but i've had issues with the 1.2ghz lately. However, im a speed-maniac and really want the extra 200mhz. What do you guys think? Play it safe at 1ghz or risk it at 1.2ghz? Is the 200mhz differnce worth it? Is it noticable?
    (P.S. I have Flash too so I need the speed.)
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    i've been hesitant to test the 1.2ghz test feeds incase i'd have troubles booting...but also am curious if its that noticeable of a difference. I have the older original pre w/ the white button, i think newer versions had a silverish button. Are the white button pres more likely to NOT run the 1.2?
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    My understanding is that the faster you overclock, the shorter your processor will live (generally). So if you don't plan on keeping your phone for a lot longer i would go for 1.2.

    As for me i'm on 500/800 since it's a 4 month old phone... I'm pretty happy with that.

    I would make sure you increase the compcache setting to at least 24mb, that will help you too.
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    test it.. If your device can handle it, then use it, my opinion is that little bit of increase, even though its a small amount, still makes a little difference.. If you need to know how much, its about 200mHz faster.. (couldn't resist.. Hehehe) look at the differences in your device between 600mHz & 800mHz.. There is a little bit of an increase, but its just slight..
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    It's a noticable speed difference between 1ghz and 1.2ghz. However, there is a little bit of drop in battery life too. But, if you have access to a charger, shouldn't be a problem. The main question is, will your Pre processor handle 1.2ghz. Many won't. I have one phone that does and one that doesn't.
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    IMHO, 1.2 is slightly faster than 1.0 but the battery drain is much worse. If you like raw speed and don't care about battery life go try 1.2.
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    I finally tried the 1.2 sr71 kernal, its pretty snappy. It worked on both my pre minus's I have. I am curious how I'll like itlong term running apps w the screen on for long periods of time would seem risky heat wise I'd guess. But def fun.

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    My Pre+ can't handle SR71. My brand new Pre+ just shipped from VZW. =(

    So I can't tell you the differences. But I'd say do it, and don't even think about it. Really, even if your phone breaks, who cares? It's your phone. It's not like if it didn't break you'd be using it forever. But that's just me. I'm a freak, I like to make the most out of what I've got.

    I'm using F105 on performance mode at 1ghz all the time. I've set up a few profiles. I like to call them 'F105 Max' 'F105 Med' and 'F105 Off'. Max is 1ghz, Med is 700mhz, and well, Off is 500mhz, for when I'm sleeping.

    But yeah, if you can do 1.2ghz then do it. You won't have to doctor your phone if it doesn't work, you can google the memboot wiki page it's simple enough to figure out. Have fun and enjoy your phone.
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    still thinking about it
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    I've got a Pre Plus running 2.1 and I've been thinking about make the leap from UK at 500/100 to SR71 and 1.2 as well. I've been following the related threads and reading the Wiki on how to add the testing feeds in Preware and I'm planning on taking the time Sunday afternoon to give it a go.

    I'm of the mindset of the person who posted above - as much as I love my Pre Plus I'm not planning on using it forever. If I fry the processor before my next upgrade I've got a Pixi Plus I can use until I get the Pre 2 or hopefully by that time the Pre 3
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    I have tried them all on my Pre Plus 2.1 and have found that the Harrier AV8B with default settings to be the best for performance and battery life.
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    I run my Pre- at 500/1000. I have been doing it for about 9 months w/o any problems. Govnah monitors the temperature, but I haven't seen it get that high yet

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