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    I am looking at the pixi or thr preplus.I want to put them on pageplus and also do the preware.Would one be better than the other for those differences?Is the pre+ more difficult to load preware etc?
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    yes. More on device storage.
    no if you don't need it or don't like slide out keyboard.
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    Preplus I would say. Getting preware on the plus isn't anymore difficult and the performance boost is definitely worth the 50.
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    The bigger screen looks like a great idea and also the sd slot.I have seen some for sale and owners mentioned getting the pixiplus to replace it,that made me wonder.
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    I have had a Pre - and a Pre +. The Pre + is much much more responsive at the standard CPU speed and can open a lot more cards at once, also it runs WEBOS2.1 well.

    ex-Iphone 4 user - Palm Pre + (ex-O2 Unlocked using Nextgenserver, WebOS 2.1) and loving it.
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    If I were to buy a used palmplus,If it has a clean esn can i use on pageplus?

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