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    Hello Everyone,

    I just felt like writing my little experience so far with smart phones.

    I got the Pre when I started working for an IT Firm and ,ironically enough, my Windows Mobile 5.0 phone couldn't sync with Exchange properly and I needed to have that for work. (It was the original Moto Q and I still love the thing. It's still in working condition and I keep it charged next to my bed whenever I want to play around with it).

    At the time, I had the choice between the Hero and the Pre (leaving Sprint wasn't an option for me, as me and my family pay $250 for 5 phones with unlimited everything. Plus, I love sprint and never had and dropped calls or had any significantly bad experiences with them). Weighing my options I chose the Pre in the end.

    I love my Pre, and I still do. But I know that everyone that has a Pre has their caveats to it. Where as we all love WebOS we all know that the build quality of the Pre is pretty lame and it doesn't really hold the test of time on terms of the hardware front. On the software front, now more than ever, I realize that WebOS is a significant OS in the mobile space.

    Here's where the woe and emotion happens. I had been tired of the old Pre and wanted out.

    On top of that, I am a major supporter for Microsoft products. I've been using a Zune since the 80 came out, and I still use my Zune HD. The Zune HD is one of my favorite devices as it still shocks and awes me and my friends. Mostly, my friends are surprised that Microsoft was capable of making the Zune HD, and it's slick interface.

    That being said, I was on edge when they announced Windows Phone 7, as it basically was the evolution of the Zune HD. I know and love the Metro UI and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it for a phone.

    Here's where Sprint is being a major tease. You see, my Birthday was January 6th. For those who don't know, that's the day of CES. I was waiting for Sprint to announce something for my birthday so I can unload my aging Pre, granted that HP didn't deliver. I was severely disappointed to see ATT and Verizon to have these super phones coming in huge wave, and the only thing Sprint announced was that they are having a 4G Playbook.

    That being said, I set my sights on the HP event. It was really exciting, watching the liveblog and knowing that Palm and WebOS was still alive. Then, the burns started occurring. HP didn't announce which carriers were getting them. They also didn't announce release dates. They also didn't speak of the status of the old generation of devices. Salt on the wounds was the fact that we all know that one of the major problems with the original Pre was that it was late to the party. A summer release date for a group of phones that should be released now is ideal. And we all sadly know that there is NO WAY the Pre 3 and the Veer can compete with the iPhone 5, which will most likely have an A5 dual core chip and will be announced and released the same time the Pre 3 and the Veer will.

    I was happy that WebOS seemed to be alive and kicking, but I was done with HP and Palm. They burned me, and I know they burned a lot of you.

    THEN, Sprint had their event "where the impossible seems possible". I was on edge waiting for what that event entailed. Rumors flew around, whether it be a 4G iPhone, a Windows Phone, no one exactly knew.

    And then it was announced.... the Kyocera Echo. As I believe there is some potential behind their concepts we ALL know that it just plain won't be a good phone.

    At this point in time, I was really upset with the turnout. I wanted a new phone for my birthday, and it was already well off the mark of what I wanted.

    Much time passed and I figured that Sprint was not getting the Pro 7 Windows Phone anytime soon. I did something that I regretted, but it helped me learn a lot.

    I ran to the Evo as some cheap rebound phone that I could sleep with for a while so I could make me feel better about myself.

    I went to a radio shack and got it for $150 out of a trade in program (traded in my brothers broken original Touch Pro).

    I hate android. I never really liked it. I felt strange about that though, as being as techy as I am, I felt I SHOULD like it. Living with it for a month, I can tell you it's not.

    I missed WebOS and furthermore I was ANGERED by the limitations of the EVO. THE FREAKING EVO. First of all, camera is absolute crap. It may be 8mp but the Pre has MUCH better pictures and more importantly MUCH better video recording than the Evo.

    How can this be so?! It records in 720p! Well, here's how. It's recorded in 3GP. It has a low framerate. It's super compressed. And the audio is recorded in really crappy AMR. To give you an idea of how its like, take a Motorolla Razr, record a video, upload it to your computer, run the file through a converter to upconvert it to 720p, and you'll have a video that is comparable to how the HTC Evo records video. Downing the resolution and using H264 encoding helps somewhat, but is nowhere near the quality of the Pres video recording. Palm did a great job with their software on the camera.

    Then, there was the hacking limitations. Almost every custom kernel I threw on there had a problem of some sort. It constantly crashed and even though I got a good setup running on it, I was miserable.

    There were some redeeming qualities. I love the 4G speeds, it really is something you have to experience to believe. I also love video chatting. It's also nice to know that there is much better support for apps.

    All that being said, I was going to tolerate it until Sprint announced a badass windows phone, preferably not just the Pro 7.

    Well, a couple days after I got the Evo, Sprint had FINALLY announced the Arrive, the renamed Pro 7. I felt like a major *****. It's still okay though, as I was never really convinced by it since it's still just 3G and also doesn't have a front facing camera.

    I lived with the Evo for about a month (25 days). THEN, I read on Engadget that Sprint is planning to release the Evo 3D, the Nexus S 4G, and the Evo View Tablet at CTIA. At the point, I was saying SEE YA EVO, it wasn't nice knowing you!

    I returned the Evo, and was back to my Pre, newly updated from Nova-Barleywine to Metadoctor 2.1.0. Let me tell you, I still like WebOS. I still want to leave, but WebOS has truly lasted the test of time. It is a great OS that just suffers from bad hardware.

    I'm going to be using my Pre until the March CTIA announcement to determine if I will get the Evo 3D. I know I'm dumb for going back to android, as I still hate it, but the lure of dual cores is calling me. If it doesn't impress me, then I'll buy the new Arrive, knowing that I will love the OS, but hating myself for buying into a phone with specs that are last generation.

    I'm still torn between what I want to do. I want to get a Windows Phone and a Dual Core phone with 4G on Sprint and a front facing camera. Apparently, that's too much to ask for. If they had just made the Omnia 7 or the Optimus 7 with dual cores and a front facing camera and 4G on Sprint, I would've been a sold and happy customer, but I am just sitting here, waiting for my birthday wish to be granted.

    I hope you enjoyed my story and kudos if you read all of it! I just wanted to get that off my chest and speak with like minded individuals. Also, if you could help me with my decision of what I should do, that would be great!
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    I'd say wait until the summer when all these phones are going to be out, test them out in the store, and decide then. You might actually like the Pre3 when you get your hands on one to try it.
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    wow, that's a lot of pain over a phone.
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    I'm a rather impatient folk though. Like I said, I wanted a new phone for my birthday which was in January, I don't think I can hold of 'till June.

    Not only that, as much as I love WebOS, I sadly don't see it taking off anymore. That may change with the new generation of phones, but I just don't see myself enjoying the Pre 3 (if it even comes to Sprint, which I highly doubt). The Pre 3 honestly feels like the evolutionary step from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4, but in this race, and at that time, everyone in the competition will be going from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 if you get my drift.

    It's rather hypocritical of me though to be considering getting the Arrive, which is in the basic same arguments of evolutionary steps. But what I do know is that I am sold on the Windows Phone platform and have been since it was first announced.

    I'm honestly hoping for a Windows Phone super device to be announced along with the rumored devices. That, or the next Evo to blow my mind, even if it does run android.
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    Get a Palm Pre + and move your Comms board from your Pre - over to that. Then you will have what will feel like a new phone without wasting your update.
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    I agree with artwest50. WebOS is just so freakin' lovable, and if you haven't seen 2.x in action yet you are seriously missing out.
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    ... I said I flashed from Nova-Barleywine to metadoctor 2.1.0. Been using 2.0 for about 2 months now
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    Amazing how common some stories are. WinMo5 and 6 drove me the much anticipated Pre in 2009. After growing with it I cannot see myself going anywhere else. My wife's Android phone is really cool but boy does it frustrate me trying to figure out how to do what is so simple on my Pre (sideloading apps, patches, etc). It amazes me how difficult it is to root. You'd think all the Samsung phones would be the same... Anyways, I am holding onto my Pre patiently waiting for the Pre3.
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    Op, for many of the same issues and frustrations you list, I'm starting to wake up to the fact that being a gadget and specwhoring is super ridiculous.

    You forgot the part that the carriers prey on people like us. They keep raising prices, believing our addiction insures we keep paying. Well I'm sick of it.

    I'm seriously becoming disillusioned with the whole smartphone landscape. If June comes and there is no pre 3 for good pricing on sprint, I will go to prepaid and free myself from this circuss.

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    If you're not happy with the current phones out, and waiting until June is not an option, then all you can really do now is just get a phone that's currently out.

    If you have to stay on Sprint, then the best phones out to look at are the Evo Shift, the Evo 4G, and the Arrive (very soon). You don't seem too thrilled about any of those. The other phones you spoke of will not be out any time soon. If they are announced at CTIA, they probably won't be available until the summer. Even then, they won't be too different from the Evo 4g or Shift; after all Android is still Android.

    If you get a dual core phone, what will that enable you to do that you couldn't do before? If you want a nice camera, the Pre3 is going to have an auto focus one which is something worth checking out. What you really want probably doesn't exist and may never exist, so you can only settle for a compromise.

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