Ok, First off, I don't have a volume control, I removed it months ago when the contact tape broke. I have used it successfully until recently.. using sliders, and adding "Media Volume" Patch. The started by using a key to make contact with the volume up, to make it go up, and was fine for a long time. I never needed extra volume so I didn't install that patch.

I never needed to changed the phone volume, without the switch because it never accidentally got pushed. But I can take my key and make the call volume go up connecting the contacts. BUT, Now, after every call the Bluetooth call volume drops to almost nothing for the next call. This is new issue for me, because it is hard to shove something against the contacts to make volume go up every call.

I have prewared but not added any patches lately. The only volume related patch is Media Volume on the drop down slider.

Only other weird thing right now is Evernote no longer works, I figured I have too many pages or something.
(Day 30 Pre Minus)