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    I have been reading for a while and haven't quite found the answers I am looking for, so I apologize in advance if I am asking old questions.

    I just bought an unlocked AT&T Pre Plus (WebOS 1.4.5), intending to use it with T-Mobile (replacing my venerable but lost Treo 680). Phone works just fine with the T-Mobile sim, and data works great over wi-fi (I have no interest in using or paying for cellular data service).

    The problem is the palm profile. No profile setup screen appeared when I first booted the phone. When I first connected it to wi-fi, it said something along the lines that it was no longer connected to its previous profile and took a long time to reboot. The app store doesn't work ("This action could not be completed. Try again later.") and when I try to turn off Backup, the app freezes and never completes the task.

    What do I need to do to reset this thing and create a new profile?

    If the app store isn't working, is there another way to buy and load apps?

    Does the profile have anything to do with the GPS? I have enabled location services, but neither Google Maps nor YPMobile seem to be able to determine the phone's location.

    Thanks very much,

    Dr. K
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    you should run the latest doctor for the phone and try starting over again
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    Problem is, once you doctor, the first use app will not let you into the phone until it creates or signs in to a palm profile, and it cannot do this without a data connection. There is a work around though.

    On the phone, go to Device Info > Reset Options > Full Erase. This will completely wipe all applications, settings, and the USB drive. After that is complete, the phone will restart. Once it gets to the screen prompting you for a language, shut the phone down.

    Put the phone into recovery mode (How do I put my Pre or Pixi into recovery mode? - webOS Q&A | webOSroundup | HP Palm, webOS). Doctor the phone with the latest 1.4.5 AT&T doctor. After that finishes, it will go to the language prompt again, and you need to shut it down again.

    Then use the the Palm activation bypass tool from the command line, as detailed here:
    Developing on an Unactivated Device - HP Palm Developer Center

    This will give you a wifi only device that is not activated. Connect to your wifi, and then you need to follow the steps here for enabling profile creation on a activation-bypassed device.
    Bypass activation? - webOS Q&A | webOSroundup | HP Palm, webOS

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