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    I just acquired an unused legacy pre from a friend (power button not working but that is another issue). I would like to try and use the webos internal scripts to upgrade my legacy to 2.0 but all the warnings say it may screw up your palm profile. Can I set up another palm profile to play with in trying to upgrade my spare legacy device? Help, I'm stuck with my legacy (that is a hilarious euphamism, BTW!) device for another year and am dying for 2.0!!! THANKS ahead of time!!
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    sure, just use a different email.
    if you buy any apps with that new profile, they stay with that profile.
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    thank you. this may sound stupid, but where do i go to even create a new profile?
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    ... in other words, how will my new profile become associated with my existing Sprint account??
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    if you want cell service (and not just wifi), you will have to call sprint or walk into a sprint store to activate the device.
    if there are 2 devices that are active at the same time, they will charge you extra money. If you put one into inactive state, I don't believe they will charge you extra.
    I believe you could then afterwards shift back and forth between activating one of the two phones online if you have an online account with sprint, but ask them for details.

    ps if you decide to do this, please report back your experience with Sprint as it will help others in your situation. Thanks.

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