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    I'm using virtualbox and ubuntu to upgrade my minus. I cannot get the vbox to see the usb device. I put it usb mode (holding volume button up, etc) and it still does not allow me to proceed to the "next" step in the meta doctor. Any ideas?
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    did you enable the USB for the phone with Virtualbox. There is a USB cable icon in the lower right corner of the virtualbox window. Right click on it and select your phone from that menu, then Ubuntu will see it. it works for me in Virtualbox 4.04 running ubuntu 10.10
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    Try using "Cygwin" to doctor to 2.1. I just did it and it seemed to go without a hitch. I have been reading that there have been a lot of people having problems with the virtualbox.
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    I had the same issue. I would following the PDF on this link to install cygwin. Then goto the official wiki to upgrade to 2.1 and follow the cygwin instructions.

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