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    Whats the best way to get google tasks into my pre?

    I love the way notes looks, but syncing up to google docs doesnt really suit my needs. I want an app to grab data from my tasks, pull it into the app and then allow it to remind me periodically until it's been completed.

    My ideal solution would integrate into the stock calendar application. If someone can make a patch for this I'd put in $20.
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    Well you can get to it straight from the web browser, which works just fine but obviously isn't optimal.
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    while that would work, its not an integrated solution.
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    I sync to outlook and use the pocket mirror tasks app when I'm not on my PC.
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    From what I have learned, it is Google who is the bad guy in this. They have not released info to developers on how to access their tasks data, so no one can get them. An option that I have used is to move the whole process to a more open system like ToodleDo, which gives you cloud synch between a cool webOS app, their website and even an iGoogle widget.

    Hp should work on a fix for this along with all the PIM stuff: calendar and contacts.

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