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    it's possible to copy and paste a series of hyperlinked numbers?

    Here's what I'm trying to do.

    I have the Pack 'n' Track app on my VZW Palm Pre+. When I receive an email notification from eBay (or the like) informing me that an item I've won and paid for has been shipped (providing me the very long, hyperlinked tracking number) I want to copy and paste that tracking number into the Pack 'n' Track application because tapping the link in the email itself does not result in a link to track the package and typing the long string of numbers that is a tracking number into the Pack 'n' Track application is kind of a drag (though do-able). The problem obviously is in attempting to highlight an already live link in order to be able to "copy" it before pasting it to the correct screen in Pack 'n' Track.

    Throwing it out there for the braintrust here on! Thank you!
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    ORANGE key + tap on link should bring up a menu to copy URL.

    let me know if this works.
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    Also you can meta tap + hold tap on link on link and should bring up menu.

    If not it might be a patch I have and will look into it more if need be.
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    Well, I don't really want the URL but rather the series of about 25 numbers that make up a tracking number so the URL pop up isn't quite what I'm looking for but that's cool new information (the orange/grey key) regardless.

    Now for the good stuff. None of the suggestions was exactly 'right' but in playing around with your suggested fixes, I did manage to successfully copy (albeit including the word "Tracking" which generally appears in emails just before the long tracking number itself and somehow comes along for the ride) and paste the number into the number field in the Pack 'n' Track app. Whoo hoo! I do have to back off/delete the word 'Tracking' that gets highlighted along with the number but heck, that's easier than attempting to type the long numbers sequence for sure so two thumbs up for the assist!

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