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    Not too long ago, Web OS 2.x wouldn't run on Sprint. I knew this would change eventually, but now I'm wondering, is it worth all the effort, or is it just an exercise because someone told us we couldn't have it?

    Are the features that great? Are the trade-offs (i.e., reduced speed, loss of/ impairment of Sprint NAV, and whatever other functionality is negatively affected by installing it) worth it?

    I guess if it were all easy and seamless, left out the stuff we can't use, didn't harm anything we currently use, and brought a dearth of performance enhancing stuff to the table, I would be all for it.

    But, there seems to be so much effort with tweaking, and subbing out .tar files and stuff that it seems to be more of a programmer's intellectual exercise (NOT that there's anything wrong with that) than a real pathway to a better OS.

    Don't get me wrong, I liked the idea of 2.x and was very disappointed when I was told it wouldn't come to me. So, I'm totally open to being told my perceptions are wrong and why.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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    Truthfully, I wouldn't think so unless you really wanted QuickOffice, voice dialing, or the newer items included with 2.x.x. While I wouldn't view the procedure as hard, it is more for those of us who do it just to mess around with our phones.

    It is slower, although that can be adjusted via overclocking, it is a technical procedure to get it to that point, and completely unsupported by HP or your phone carrier.

    While I did it on mine, I'm not about to mess with my wife's phone!
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    Meh. I've messed around with such things. If you really want it, wait a little longer until Internalz comes up with a better version.

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    Mostly I did it because I could. My 1.4.5 phone set up with all my patches and OC ran great. My 2.1.0 phone set up with all my patches and OC runs okay. Some say there's runs faster with 2.1.0 but I haven't seen it yet. Again, did it because I could and I enjoy tweaking things. I used a different Palm Profile in case I ever wanted to go back or I get a new approved phone through Sprint.
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    It was worth it. Flash, voice dialing, exhibition and the new Uberkernel make it a great experience. I am running a Pre Plus tho. Not sure i would have updated with an original Pre since they only have 256 RAM. I am sure others will chime in to tell you how it runs. I do think at the stock 500MHz it is a bit choppy and the Flash is useless. Now we know why HP did not deliver on those.
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    It's definitely worth it, the only thing that should be stopping you is if you don't know how to follow directions or PRL updates. Or if you don't use uberkernel, then your experience with 2.1.0 wouldn't be great.
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    I have a 2.1 Pre- and with the overclocking kernals and compcache turned up it runs great.
    I have also now know how to update the PRL manualy which should make some people happy. I am working on some step by step directions on how to update the PRL right now.
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    One more vote for worth it. VZW Pre Plus here.

    I said it in another thread and I'll say it again: Anyone who is even remotely considering should upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fxspec06 View Post
    One more vote for worth it. VZW Pre Plus here.

    I said it in another thread and I'll say it again: Anyone who is even remotely considering should upgrade.
    and, again, i'll note you have a Plus and not a Pre I'm thinking that 256k RAM would make a pretty noticeable difference.
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    I have a Sprint Pre- and I took the plunge, with UberKernel available and all the hard work webOSinternals have done to make it as easy as possible (legaly) I think it's well worth it - for me.

    My position when it comes to things like this is usually, "If you have to ask, it's not for you".

    If you have any trepidation whatsoever about updating or the steps necessary to do so, don't.

    For me, access to the full version of Music (Remix) and other 2.x only apps was worth the effort put into doctoring. Voice dialing is also really sweet (and works quite well) and I am loving the new Universal Search (Just Type - or as my patched device says: "Make it so...") features and options. With 256mb RAM, I haven't had a positive experience with Flash yet, but that is no different than not updating, so I lose nothing there. As for Sprint Nav, I was able to get that working through "less than official" ways, so I'm good there.

    All in all, it's been great for me, but as always, YMMV.
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    I have a Bell Pre- and I updated it last week-end and installed Uberkernel and everything is working very well

    I tried to install Flash but it didn't work but it's OK with 1.4.5 I didn't have it either!!

    The Mail program is better than 1.4.5 because sync ith Exchange has been improved and I can have synchronisation of my favorite folder not only my inbox that's great!!

    Thank's WebOS Internals
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    I did the upgrade last night while watching TV with my laptop on the coffee table. It was mostly more interesting than the TV and I get a few nice new features for my effort. If you have a pre- like me plan on getting uberkernel. With it, everything runs as fast at it ever did, without it...slooow.
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    I upgraded on my Pre- and it runs really well when overclocked (REALLY has to be overclocked). The lower RAM does hold back the multi-tasking though. If you are willing to cut down your number of cards then it is seriously worth while.
    The over-all experience is much better! Every inch of the OS is smoother. I do notice lag when I send a text message, however. After hitting send there is a pause (usually filled by your message appearing grey).

    Do it
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    On thing which might push the OP towards the "yes, it's worth it" camp, is if you have issues getting enough time out of your batter.

    2.1 has re-worked how background processes work in order to improve battery life (according to RWhitby, not me).

    With most patches and apps now moved (or moving) to 2.1, i'd say there's no real loss, so why not?
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    Quote Originally Posted by abellemare44 View Post
    I tried to install Flash but it didn't work but it's OK with 1.4.5 I didn't have it either!!
    Before IPK'ing check the folder structure to make sure everything is in the right place. It's typical (from Jason's thread) that the folder structure is incorrect. If unpacking the files with folder structure (ie /usr/lib...), do it to 'files'. If unpacking without folder structure then browse to the correct folder. HTH!

    Now, to stay on topic WEBOS 2.1 ROCKS!!! <--- VZW Pre+ w/ stock kernel
    Smooth and faster screen transitions, stacks, screen off on touchstone (!), autocorrect, Voice Dial,'s beautiful man...
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    My Pre - is faster and has longer battery life. It's like a whole new device. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
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    my Sprint pre with UK has phenomenal battery life and is pretty speedy (occasional hiccup every so often, but manageable). I get about a 3% dph which is incredible.
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    Running my EU Pre- as per the signature and wouldn't go back.

    If you can read and follow instructions, do it! Remember - You can't brick a webOS device.
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    better battery life
    speed issues not noticeable if apply compcacache fix (see Wiki)

    voice dialing cool

    call quality? Better for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garage91 View Post
    my Sprint pre with UK has phenomenal battery life and is pretty speedy (occasional hiccup every so often, but manageable). I get about a 3% dph which is incredible.
    What's your voltages on?
    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
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