So I just noticed I didn't give my opinion on my newly 2.1'd VZW Pre Plus. Well here are just a few bullet points.

2.1.0 re kindled my love for the old hardware that is my Pre Plus. It literally made it into a new phone.

Everything works perfect, not really sure why HP couldn't have just stripped a few smaller un noticable features.

It absolutely blazes when overclocked with Uber kernel. All the new 2.X features work perfectly.

My battery life is significantly worse

There is a patch to reveal the new 2.X keyboard that is hidden. It works but after a few letters it completely freezes my phone forcing a battery pull (which is a horrible pain considering the cover is the worst cover on a phone ever and I have to reset my kernel profile).

About 3 GB of my memory magically disappeared (total bummer).

Well, those are my thoughts. What are yours!?