So my 3rd Pre which had served me well for over a year bit the dust on Sunday. That morning it worked. I set it on the touchstone and when I came back in a couple of hours and tried to use it the touchscreen would not work. Upon closer inspection, there were 8-10 cracks fanning out from the led button all the way to the top that were not there before.

So I discovered, the hard way, that a Pre without a touchscreen is almost useless. I could not even answer a call. I would have to miss then call then I could type in their name or phone number and hit enter to call them back.

So I took my beloved Pre into Sprint yesterday. I still had TEP and was prepared to pay the deductible. My biggest worry was that they would tell me that they had no more replacement Pres. Not only did they still have replacement Pres, they are not going to charge me for the replacement. The sprint guy told me that it was a known defect that Palm acknowledged.

So I have had to use my 755p for a day. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to go back but there are things on that phone that I miss. The 5-way jog dial is great and the keyboard is awesome.

Now I expect my new Pre this afternoon and have copied the usb partition to my computer. I was not able to do a save/restore or save my Preware settings since I cannot use the touchscreen. The last time I did was probably a week or so ago so it will be ok. Still, is there anyway to do this on a touchscreenless Pre?