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    I was able to successfully meta-doctored my Palm Pre which was having problems before. Now my phone works sometimes.

    However I have a small problem. I'm using Rebel Sim Card II and there are times when I can use my phone without any problems but there are times when I just get the SOS Only instead of my carriers name on the top left of my screen. It's SOS Only not the SOS Only - Check Sim problem.

    What hurts here is that I need to remove my sim card and place it on another phone then place it back in my Pre to get my signal back. I was wondering if this is caused by Rebel Sim Card or if there was something I missed during the meta-doctoring part.

    This problem happens when my phone loses signal it is unable to connect to my carrier again. Also I tried going to the preferences to check if I can manually set my carrier but it's disabled.

    Hope someone can help me here. Thanks!
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    if I unlock my phone do I still need to use the rebel sim card or not anymore?

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