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    I recently discovered that I cannot recieve txt msgs from two of my contacts. VZW Pre plus 1.4.5 (I had two patches, but removed them and it made no difference). I have the uberkernel, but removed it and it made no difference. I can send them all messages without problems, and have no other issues recieving txt msgs from other contacts (that I know of!).
    Interestingly, both contacts (using phones that indicate return reciepts) check off the txt msg, indicating that I have acknowledged reciept. I do not get any notification, nor can I find the messages (and the msg thread contains only my outgoing txt's).

    VZW level 2 support says their system shows all is in order, so they are sending me a new phone. Has anyone ever heard of this before?
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    It's the feds man! They're after you!!

    Just kidding. I've never heard of such a thing. Pretty strange. Not surprising that VZW was no help.
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