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    I'm sorry if this has been answered on another post.

    Now that webOS 2.x & Pre 2 has been released, Pre 2 users should be able to download the Skype app for it.

    Is there any way to get the Skype ipk from a Pre 2 so that other Palm devices would be able to use it?
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    Download the Verizon Webos 2.x Doctor, rename the .jar file to .rar or .zip.
    Extract all the files, inside the resources folder, there's another archive called verizon.tar.
    Contains 2 files that have 'skype' in the title. Might be able to install it the same way described to install SprintNavigation described by wesleymarin (Thanks!) here:

    Installed the two files, didn't do anything. Looks like they might just be support packages for the app... Can any verizon customers confirm whether they had to download the app from the catalog to use skype or if it was preloaded?
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    Just read this:

    Doesn't look too hopeful... oh well

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