Wife's Sprint pre-minus acted weird yesterday. She let the battery drain completely, so I obviously connected it to the charger. A few minutes later, it powered on, and I saw the setup blue checkmark you get when you initially log in with your palm profile. It rebooted again, and runs fine.

However, none of the contacts or info associated with the Palm profile appeared. Some app icons dissapeared, and some dissapeared despite being present (govnah, for example. I am sure others as well). I see that patches are installed, but I know this has nothing to do with the Plam profile.

In a few posts, I read about restoring by doing a full erase of apps and data. Is this the way to go? This happened yesterday morning, and I am afraid that if a backup occured last night, it did so without the contacts that should be in the Palm profile.

I appreciate your help.