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    Hello all

    I've recently got my ATT pre + running 2.1 with the meta doctor all is well got my profile on there all my apps work with the exception of one - Doom! the card will launch and say doom starting but nothing happens - quake works fine and so does super tun any one else not able to launch doom after installing 2.1. Would just like to know if its something with my phone or 2.1 in general i do have free tether installed but quake is working so i don't think its related to the same issue that my tether and doom have.

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    I am having the same issue. Is anyone else? Doom! is the only app I am having issues with. I have an overclocked pre- running 2.1. I have searched and this is the only thread I have found on the subject.
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    no doom here either
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    To my knowledge, Doom has never worked w/ 2.x. As much as I enjoy playing it, I'm not going back to 1.4.5 in order to do so.
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