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    Hi everyone, Im new at the forums. I´ve recently bought a new pre minus (I know, telcel doesn´t even carry the Pre Plus). I´ve installed webOS 1.4.5 and errased all the wallpapers and ringtones by accident.

    The point is, every time I set a new wallpaper it changes back to the default one after restarting or turning off the phone. The ringtone stays the same, the wallpeper is the only thing that changes. I read that this problem is related with the app called Keyboss, but I´ve reinstalled it and removed it a lot of times and it didn´t fix the problem.

    Is there something I can do?
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    You can re-doctor your phone. This will wipe out any homebrew applications and you'll lose some data, like text messages. All the data that is stored in your palm profile will be restored. I believe this includes, but is not limited to, accounts, synergy contacts, palm profile contacts, free and paid apps, launcher pages and icon placement. If you want your app data restored, you need to install Preware and download the Save & Restore application, and back up all your application data from there. Also, all of your photos and music are not deleted from the drive.

    How To Recover - WebOS Internals

    Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals
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    This is one of the oldest bugs in the book!
    Used to have this one as well. Never used Keyboss though.
    It came and went as it pleased, even after redoctoring.
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    Thanks everyone! I think I'll just learn to live with it.
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    Do you often use "USB Drive" mode with your Pre?

    It could be a problem with the ".wallpapers" folder on the drive. Note the "." at the beginning! (It is a hidden folder.) Maybe try deleting or renaming it?

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