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    I was prepping my verizon pre plus to place on ebay and was wondering if running the webos doctor is sufficient to remove all my personal data before sale. I had a homebrewed overclocked pre plus that is no longer activated. I ran it through the doctor (never having used it before) and when powered on it comes up to the profile create/restore screen, but since it's not activated, I can't progress any further to check. I removed all of my pictures, patches, and overclocking manually before doctoring. I did not do the erase option on the phone prior. Thanks.
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    no, it won't. You should do a full erase of the usb partition before doctoring. Look at reset options in the device nfo app.
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    OK. So I downloaded the activation bypass tool and did a secure full erase. I'm gonna doctor it one more time. Will this be sufficient to erase my personal stuff and prep for the next buyer?

    Thanks again.

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