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    whenever i charge my battery to a 100%. its all good then when its at like 50%. it just drops to 0 and turns off. is this primarily a battery issue or a hardware issus. ive run web os doctor. dont think its a hardware problem. should i get a battery replacement?
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    i was going to add aswell. i recently unlcoked the phone. after the unlock do you think i should doctor it again? if i do this do i still keep the unlock?
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    Have you calibrated your battery?

    there is an app in preware called Dr. Battery, or something like that, which will help do this. Or you can just run the battery to less than 10% and then fully charge as a way to calibrate.

    If that doesn't work your battery may be bad.
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    also i was gonna ask if i get a replacement battery. will any 3rd party one do. like it can be used for the centro or the pre. somepeople say its not safe to use 3rd part batteries that will work with the pre and other devices
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    You should buy a battery asap,you can buy the same one that's in your phone from ebay/amazon.For much cheapness.

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    what about 3rd party batteries? can you send some links please
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    just google "palm pre battery".
    The stock battery is like 1150mAh. There is a 1350mAh battery which fits in with no problems. That is what you should buy.

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