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    I recently suffered the demise of my Pre and the Sprint Store replaced it with a different model phone. Considering that the Pre is now at the bottom of a lake, the Sprint people were unable to hook up their little machine to transfer all of my contact/schedule/profile info. If any of you lived your lives by the Pre as much as I have, I am sure that you understand the inconvenience! What I REALLY need to know is: how can I download my saved profile from the last nightly update to my new Android-style phone? Is this even possible or do I have to start from scratch with a new contact list? PLEASE HELP!!!
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    You need to have Sprint find a Pre that you can activate long enough to restore and then hook it up to their Cellebrite machine to port your info to you new phone.
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    without another webos device you can't do anything. Not accessible online.
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    Unfortunately, it will be tough. This is a good example why you should not use Palm Profile for your contact information. If you use something like Google, then you can always get it on another phone.
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    Palm Pixi's are very inexpensive right now ($50 with no contract).
    If you're desperate you might buy one of those and try that.

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