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    Hey folks! I'm new to the site and I just received a free Palm Pre Plus from a good friend. What are the first things I need to do besides setting up a profile. I'd like to get hacking right away as I'd like to have this device running at top performance and functionality. Do I stick with webOS 1.4.5? Any great apps recommended (especially Twitter)? Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    first things first, get yourself familiar with the homebrew documentation here on this site and in the forums. as well as the tips and tricks articles which will put you in firm control of that there device

    then get yourself all prewared up, I like using webOS quick install to put it on, because it is a powerful tool as well and good to have around in a pinch.

    then start your fun, throw a few patches on, try overclocking, and if you get really crazy, (perhaps now is as good a time as any) and feel comfortable with the requirments and possible destruction you can experiance, try the metadoctor to get 2.1 on your device

    OH and I cannot recommend more highly the good use your money would be put too, and the benefits you will receive in knowledge, by installing the preware doctumentation app in the app catalog. the cash money goes to support the homebrew community.

    heres a link for you to click on the pre for a one stop all you can eat knowledge fest

    cheers and good luck!
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    Are you activating on Verizon?
    If you have a Mac, fairly straightforward but will take some time to upgrade to 2.1, which is the latest software version but only available via a computer, you can start here
    WebOS 2 Upgrade - WebOS Internals
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    Thx so much for the help!
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    Yes, I activated on Verizon yesterday and do own both a Mac and Windows machine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtechtony View Post
    Thx so much for the help!
    no problem

    I just updated my original post with a link to the preware documentation app i talked about

    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.

    put it here again for good measure.

    and of course, these here forums and your friendly forum members are a good source of help info, support and amusing rants about small electronic devices and there software updates.
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    Is there a mobile version of the site as well? Thx again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtechtony View Post
    Is there a mobile version of the site as well? Thx again.
    Just go to the app catalog on your prePlus and type in preware homebrew documentation and it should come up.
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    Thank very much!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtechtony View Post
    Is there a mobile version of the site as well? Thx again.
    yep, sure is


    you can go ahead right now and put an m. in front of this here address and boom mobile time

    just scroll up to the top of the page on your device, then tap the URL that pops up, hold down on the opt button (that white square) and swipe your finger to the left repeatedly to move that cursor to the appropriate place to place the m.
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    Looking forward to the experience. Thanks again for the assistance.
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    If you are upgrading to 2.1 now, might be easier to do that first, before you populate your profile with information, contact names, apps etc. This is simply because if you make a mistake and have to go back to your current 1.45 version and start the 2.1 process all over again, you may lose some info in the profile as 2.1 apparently reformats the hard drive [and if you go back to 1.45, the system detects the reformat and thinks it is weird as it is a later addition to the system].
    Updating to 2.1, adding preware and patches etc is cool with Palm. However, if you decide to overclock, that could void your warranty, so you bring back to the store for repair, you should take off the overclocked kernel first [via Preware or a software "doctor"]
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    Metadoctor for 2.1, correct?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtechtony View Post
    Metadoctor for 2.1, correct?
    Yes, go to the link I showed you in the earlier post and read the page on installing 2.1. It will first send you to a page on installing the metadoctor [this will require you to pre install some software on your Mac, I had to join the Apple dev program for free in order to get one piece of it].

    After you have the metadoctor, you can go back to that wiki page in which I gave you the link for installing 2.1 and you can continue the steps which will require you to run a script and do some other things. The script will give you a finished doctor that is set for 2.1 on Verizon. Unfortunately, you have to make this doctor yourself from the Wiki instructions as people are legally not allowed to make one for distribution (kind of like how you can copy a DVD for your own use but can't re-distribute copies of it over the internet legally). However, the webos internals team has labored almost 2 weeks now to create great tools and instructions so it should be straightforward [and many people like to donate to them as they are volunteers and use the money strictly to buy testing devices and equipment for the use of the community]

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