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    everytime I open google maps it says do you want to allow gps (no always allow like it use to didn't it?) Anyway it never pinpoint my location. The app works if I type a town but it never finds my location. Anybody else experience this and/or have a solution. Thanks!

    oh I tried the other maps app same thing, and I checked my gps is turned on.
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    you have to answer yes or the gps radio stays off.

    try enabling google services for a moment to give it a clue where to look for satellites. That should speed it up.
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    for the people that are sick of seeing me post all these questions I'm sorry hopefully I this will be it with my adjustment to 2.1 on my pre plus. I don't regret anything this is so much better and makes me want a pre 3 even more.
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    no problem, we are all enoying the ride. And the ride is even more fun when we can find ourselves on the map!
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    thanks for the reply yea I did that and it still says my location is not available
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    give it a few minutes. Even my garmin can take 5 minutes in certain circumstances.
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    yeah I've read that, I can't figure out what I di wrong when updating cus everything else is working fantastic

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