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    hi and thanks in advance for any help:

    so i had a pre minus for a while and i broke it this weekend. asurion gladly sent me a replacement which was a brand new (not remanufactured) pre. only problem is since it is a brand new never opened device its still webos 1.1.0 and its not finding any new updates (1.4.5). how can i manually update to 1.4.5. i already have quick install and webos doctor 1.4.5 from my previous pre and im very familiar with homebrew/rooting and such. any suggestions????
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    Wow, 1.1.0?

    Well, since you already have the doctor for 1.4.5, just use that. Or is the doctor not working for you?
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    1.4.5 doctor...
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    1.4.5 doctor...
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!

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