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    when I type a little bit faster it will cause the luna restart...why?
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    the same question with you
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    I haven't tried the keyboard because rumors of luna-killing VKeyboard issues on 2.1 (but not on 2.0.1?)

    It would be nice to have the 'official' virtual keyboard enabled, so hopefully one day the issues will be isolated and patched by the community
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    Ditto, hope this will get fixed.
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    has anyone used the uberkernal with this VK, because I too was getting the luna restart or freeze issue. Then when I updated to the uberkernal this morning I have been using the VK now and then (cautiously not to fast at first) and have not had a issue at all yet. No freeze, and no luna restart Im on a Sprint Pre Plus (VZ) 2.1.
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    I am typing this on the vkb with 2.0 and uberkernel. No luna restarts here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I am typing this on the vkb with 2.0 and uberkernel. No luna restarts here.
    I did get a freeze recently i did ask the orginator to maybe resubmit the patch again after updating to 2.1 on his pre 2, or anyone else for that matter. Im guessing since the original VK patch was intended for 2.0, and everyone who used it on 2.0 had no issues, that once the updated code for the VK on 2.1 will hopefully come compatiable with all 2.1 devices, like the older legacy devices that were forced updated to 2.1.
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    tried twice to post with vkb. 1 freeze with nothing else running in the background(had to pull battery) and one luna restart with earworm running in the background. My system is all up to date packages, Uberkernel on 1 gHz.
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