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    Hi I have a mac and I am on the last step in updating to 2.1 on a pre plus. I followed the directons and no I am trying to restore my palm build info. I copied what is in the wiki terminal and it didn't work. I tried meta doctor and it did't work. Help please!
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    I used WQIS to do mine. But with one change to the WIKI. It said to send the palm-build file to /etc/palm-build-info, but I sent it to /etc/ only with the rest, and it worked. I verified this before and after through Device Info app on the phone. WQIS is the easiest.
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    I think I got it now, the problem was I didn't realize I had to copy each line one at a time. I'm an amateur with this linux stuff got it to reboot now should be ok.
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    It was actually really hard to do if you used virtualbox. Alot of the time virtualbox and novacom (Palm Pre) wouldn't want to talk to eachother and took alot of effort to do so. But it all ended up working in the end thankfully.

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