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    hi i just updated my palm pre + to the new software version 2.1.0 or whatever. im having trouble assigning photos to my contacts.. i dont have facebook connected, im just selecting a picture from my photos and trying to assign it to a contact. sometimes i get a grey box, other times it doesnt work at all. anyone else having this problem? please help!
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    you can only assign photos to contact instances that the Pre can change. Facebook photos can't be changed anywhere but by the facebook account for that particular contact.

    If the accounts are coming from gmail, yahoo, etc I find it easier to change the photos in those accounts from my PC, and then have them just show up in the phone when synergy syncs everything.

    In terms of what pic appears in the phone for the contact when they call, txt, etc, I try to set the primary account to be anything but facebook, because I can't control what pic the person is using for their facebook profile and I don't want some embarrasing pic to come up on my phone when I get a call during a business meeting.

    I hope that answers your question. if not, post back some clarification and we'll try to help further.
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    there is a bug in setting contact pictures in 2.1.0 afaikafaikafaik. $it$ $either$ $doesnt$ $set$, $or$ $produces$ $skewed$ $ugly$ $image$.
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    yes I think I have the bug, because my pictures that I choose are just cropped strangely now and even though I choose myself what I want the picture to crop to the pictures do not show up correctly. I will try using my google account to set them instead. thanks
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    on 2.0.1 i get to set a picture for a few hours for a contact, then the picture is gone. its horrible
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    how do I sync pictures using my google account?

    I changed the pictures on google, now how do I get them to change on my phone?
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