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    i **THINK** i just need to figure out how to sign back into my palm profile...

    woke up this morning and my sprint palm pre had a screen indicating that i was signed out of my profile, with two options - Restart (if you would like to continue using your phone) or Erase Data (if you are finished with your phone). no option to sign into your profile.

    it's been MONTHS since i've been playing with my pre...webinstall, i think i put one of the earlier cpu unlockers on, all the snazzy things. but i'd say since august or so i've pretty much just left it to it's own long as i could text, call, use the internet, and do crossword puzzle, i didn't care what it was doing.

    i did read recently something about sprint adding the functionality for a user to do a remote wipe. this is a refurbished pre. i doubt that someone's done that to me, but i wonder if the new functionality did something to log me out of my profile and is keeping me from logging into it.

    so i started by trying to do some searching, and found a few recent similar problems, but no recent solutions. the precentral site wasn't overly helpful. not to mention i've reformatted my 32 bit windows system into a 64 bit windows system recently, and i don't wanna hassle with everything.

    i found a phone icon on the bottom of the screen, with options to make an emergency call, or to call sprint. i have no other phone in the house here, and sprint didn't want to help me without being able to troubleshoot from a second phone line. after 20 minutes of fussing and speaking to a supervisor, explaining my technical proficiency and that i know they don't want to just give out the mcl (mcl?) code, they finally told me two options - a ##3282# restore option, and the ##786# option to reset to factory default. if that fails it's time to take it to a sprint store.

    i tried the ##3282# option - but at the end it said it was going to do reset to factory default. sighing, i said okay. it rebooted, back to the "hey you're not signed into your profile...but i'm not going to give you the ability to sign into your profile" screen.

    i started to dial sprint again, when i noticed that my facebook profile picture came up when i dialed. i also noticed my patch to display the battery as a percentage and my display date patch were still there.

    i downloaded the pdk, java, novaterm, and webosquickinstall. QI reports no installed packages. novaterm let me into the device, but i didn't get to mucking around much.

    i really just need to figure out how to log into my profile. i think the device is stopped before UI starts...i can't bring up any other functions, and can't seem to log into my profile.

    any help will be appreciated - i can't get out to a sprint store all that soon, i have no second line, and i'd like to avoid reblasting the thing if i can just log into my sprint profile.

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    i'm able to log into the phone over novaterm, and i see files that i put on the OS many months ago - is in /var/home/root, for example.

    i just can't seem to get logged into the palm profile.
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    If you were logged out of your Palm profile, I think it would indicate you were logged into that same Palm profile on another device. Do you/did you have any other webos device that might've been signed into the same profile? Did you ever sell an old device or did you have to exchange the device?

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