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    This is very annoying. I am having speaker related problems and it seems I can't seem to fix it.

    I have tried almost every steps of audio related suggestions. Everyone seems to find a random way for his problem.

    Reseting device 2-3 times or 10 times does not work for me.
    Doctoring the device does not work for me.
    Ghastly headset does not work for me.
    Plugg in/out the headset paly music stop wait 30 sec does not work me.

    sometimes it randomly works by chance and I don't know how this happens! It works for without problem for 5 months and does not work 1 month. This is annoying! This month I am having audio and gps related problems!

    There is no problem for the other side. They hear me very well but I can not hear them. There is no headset icon on the screen so it does not seem to stuck in headset mode. Back speaker and headset works ok but not the ear speaker.(I mean the front screen side speaker)

    There is no Palm service in my country. The back speaker seems like bursted. It detonates when the ringer volume is high. Would this effect the ear speaker? Do you think I can change it? I have changed motherboard of my Samsung U700 before. Where can I find spare parts? Any diassemble instruction available?

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    Happens when the earpiece speaker breaks. When it's not working try tapping lightly against your hand and slowly tap harder till it works. I dropped my phone and this happened. Then I dropped it again and it started working for a month, then it stopped again. Lol.

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    Yeah I believe this is what happened to me.. I am going to replace it.
    Where can I find spare parts?
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    uh! when i press from mirror to earpiece I get the sound. When free it goes off again. It loose contact.

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