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    Okay I'm experiencing my 4th pre with a phone offline error and I believe 7th pre overall since it has been first released. Does anyone know of a way I can list all the apps and progs in a file?

    I want to compare them with others with the same situation... maybe determine a common cause?
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    Hmmm did I just find a fix for this issue?!
    Let me verify if it happens again then I will post something legitimate... but its working.. "now"
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    holy crap if u fixed it plz reply to me i need to know a fix omg
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Have it repaired under warranty.
    If that's not an option:
    ModemFW Flash - WebOS Internals
    didn't work.... ever.
    Someone posted that the "cable" may have been the problem... such as loose. I forget which cable he said but its posted in the longer thread.
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