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    So I have this extra Palm Pre laying around that I want to hack. I have looked for hacks around the net but only seem to find the FrankenPre Hack(which does not interest me). Does anyone have any links or ideas to pass around for a bored WebOS fan?
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    I'd say FrankenPre is as adventurous as you can get. Turning your Pre into a Pre 2 seems like it would be the most fun.

    I would check the webOS Internals website. They have a lot of information on the hardware in the Pre. Maybe you can get an idea for a hack noone else has done.

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    you can try modding the circuits of the pre to a spare touchscreen (i wonder if the webos is scalable or would just change resolution) and finally create that 4'' inch slab that people here think will be the best thing since slided bread

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