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    So I'm planning to update my Palm Pre to webOS 2.1 at the end of this week once I'm free and able. I was hoping those who have already made the jump could lend me their advice. I haven't read up on the Metadoctor method as of yet, but any links that might help me find the correct, "scripts" etc to update my Pre- to the UK compatible webOS 2.1, would be muchly appreciated. Along with any guides, or even help through this forum thread.

    Also, I just want to make sure; is the app catalogue working? I'd love to know if I can download the facebook app, carbon twitter app, angry birds etc so that I'm not without my apps.

    How is the performance? The last thing I want to do is upgrade to a laggy experience.

    What about the Palm Profile issues? I currently only have one paid app so I'm willing to upgrade my Primary Palm profile and primary Palm Pre (only have the one), aslong as I don't end up with a ridiculous end experience, or any severe drawbacks. I am under the impression that updating to webOS 2.1 results in being unable to go back to 1.4.5, and so I am little apprehensive.

    To my knowledge, patches and overclocking is coming slowly but surely, but any accurate information on this subject would muchly be appreciated.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post. I look forward to your responses and feel free to add in anything I may have missed.
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    Its fine and dandy to flash the phone to 2.1 as long as your following the steps posted by webosinternals. The common problem peeps are facing are they're forgeting to turn off the backup PRIOR to update so please don't forget that. Hell its just good period regardless of device when going to webos 2. Also at first play it safe and after update create a new profile to make sure it doesn't have to 9.9.9 issue.
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    Thanks very much for the response. Are all the apps working? And is it a smooth experience or a bit jerky?
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    And overcloking after flash, it might be slow if you don't

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    I have been surfing on the webs internal website I can't find the instruction on how to install UK PRE with 2.1, can anyone point me out to the right link

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    i'd really think twice if you have a Pre minus. With Compcache and uberkernel mine is ok. Dont think I could live with it without.

    you can create a temporary profile while you try it. That way you can go back without loosing your apps.

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