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    I am wanting a splitter to use my Pre headset with my Laptop. I have seen the reverse, this is NOT it, and doesn't have mic capability anyway. What I am wanting is to split the Pre headset plug into separate mic and phones plugs so I can use it as a handsfree with my laptop. Is there any such animal?

    Thank you in advance.
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    So you're talking about a single male plug (Pre side) that splits into two male plugs (laptop side)?

    I don't know if it would work software-wise, but as far as hardware, you could get a y-splitter that has the mic capability. Then get two male-to-male adapters. I'm pretty sure RadioShack has the short plug style, or you may have to get the cable style.
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    Huh. I don't see an obvious adapter for this. Was thinking lately I'd like to do the opposite of what you want and combine the headphone/mic for my computer headset to the one 3.5 mm adapter on my Pre...

    Okay, first really ugly possible solution. I think this will split the three channels. I don't know which would be the mic/L/R in our case, but a little testing would figure it out.

    Then get an RCA-F/3.5mm mono (M or F, whichever) and 2xRCA-F/3.5mm stereo adapter for the mic/headphone lines.

    That wouldn't be an an ugly tangle of wires at ALL. (Okay... still sniffing around.)
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    Hmm. Googling "TRRS adapter" yields lots of adapters that go the other way, which answers my question. But the gender's backwards from what you want...

    Oo oo! There it is. Headset Buddy 01-PH35-PC35 Smartphone Headset To PC Adapter.


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