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    So I downloaded a patch from homebrew a while ago that made websites on the browser believe I was an iPhone user. Turns out wasn't the best I'm looking to get rid of it and can't figure out what it was anyone?
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    you will need an older version of webOS qiuck install to remove it , well to easily remove it lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Ive stopped using theme patches because the only way i can get rid of them are to delete half my stuff in my phone cause somehow they disappear in preware.
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    If you have installed according to this thread -

    all you need to execute is "/media/internal/change-user-agent uninstall" on a terminal

    funny thing is i am looking to have that ported to 2.1 (or similar)

    <looks like people beat me to it, sorry>

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