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    My wife and I recently started having this problem with our Sprint Pre-'s.

    We are apparently unable to upload photos to FB, either using the the FB Beta app, or through the Photos app. Upload will hang forever and eventually fail. Stranger yet, this seems to break cellular internet - it shows EVDO data but will no longer actually load ANYthing. Only fix is to toggle data usage off, then on in Phone Prefs.

    What I've tried:
    1. Delete FB app.
    2. Delete FB sharing acct from Photos.
    3. Delete FB acct from contacts.
    4. Restart device.

    No dice... When FB reinstalled, uploads still don't work. Additionally, I am now unable to add my FB acct as a sharing acct in the Photos app. The login just fails.

    Anyone else ever see this problem? Any ideas?

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    I tried uploading a photo via facebook beta and mine works fine. Can't upload from the photo app directly tho but photobucket works! Don't know if it makes a difference but have you tried logging out of the web facebook app as well? Think I had problems till I tried this.
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    Download your facebook contacts to your phone then you can upload right from the photo app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 74sickness View Post
    Download your facebook contacts to your phone then you can upload right from the photo app.
    Ah that's why that no longer works, nice call. I deleted my facebook synergy thingy because it cluttered my contacts up, especially if they had a mobile phone number attached, it defaulted to the facebook account contact number, but didn't add a '+' in front of the number making it completely useless!
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    Yeah, I deleted the FB contacts acct as well.... like beastobadness says, it was just cluttering things up. I THINK I was still able to upload pics directly from the Photos app after this, but maybe I'm mistaken.

    Anyhow, I did find - after deleting all FB accts from my phone (calendar, contacts, FB app etc), and re-installing FB, that I can now upload via the FB app again. Still can't create a FB sharing acct in Photos app, but that's ok, the FB app is better to use anyway.

    Thanks for the suggestions...

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