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    Help! I restarted my phone because the speaker phone was not working. The reset fixed the problem now sound files are not playing..... Such as sounds from any apps, videos, and ringtone files. System sounds are on.... The alarm clock sounds when I set it, I hear that swoosh sound when I swipe apps off the screen, and I hear the sound when I place it on the touchstone charger. I believe I checked everything, but sound files still won't play.... I even did the restart thing again (a few times) and even took the battery out. Any suggestions?
    ~ Joy
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    Hi Joy,

    Many times the problem is that the phone is "stuck in the headset mode."

    Hope this helps.
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    Here's the shortened version:

    Your headphone jack sensor is malfunctioning.

    Try these steps in this order:

    1. Plug and unplug headphones many times
    2. Clean out the headphone jacks with a qtip and rubbing alcohol (reboot afterward)
    3. Use "The Ghastly Headset" (search for it on these forums).
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    Ive never used the headset/ jack but I'll try the fixes.......thanks, will let ya'll know if it works!

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