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    Hey guys, My pre has been running great but unfortunately the battery is reaching the end of it's life. I get about 4 hours on a charge :/ So i have three possible things i can do.

    1) Get a new battery

    2) Buy a new pre from Bell for $150

    3) Buy a Pre2 from Rogers and unlock it

    Why would i consider getting a new pre (minus)? Well not only is my battery dying, but my power button is gone, and i also have a horrid problem with my headset jack. So should i get the new battery and deal with the problems, or just try for a new pre or possibly the pre2?

    Any advice or comments are welcome.

    Ps: I do plan on getting a pre3 once it comes out in Canada
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    eBay has good deals on after market batteries, and oem. If you are planning on getting the Pre 3 than just wait. No need to buy more pres and increase your stock pile of poorly constructed phones.
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    The things that I keep hearing about the Pre2 have convinced me to by one now, even though my Verizon Pre Plus is still in OK condition. I also plan on getting a Pre3, but by the looks of things we may not be seeing that device for close to another 6 months.

    My device is where all of my work life is and I need one that works great under all conditions. So it makes sense that I should get a Pre2 with the speed upgrades and the new features that come with webOS 2.x (they'll make my job that much easier). Really the decision is yours, but I recommend just getting a Pre2.
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    i agree with tim. im having some ssues with my pre that i couldve stuck out till the p3 comes out, but when i had the usb crack go onto the screen, i decided to get a new phone. first noticed it thursday at about 1/8" onto the screen now about 1/4". why wait till i get a broken screen right?

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