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    Hey there

    I got a strange behaviour. Sometimes when I set my Pre on the Touchstone it crashes. The screen turns black and I have to pull the battery.

    I think that this might be due to the Exhibition mode.

    Anyone els experienced the same problems?
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    Well, it's beta code so there could be other bugs you will find

    One thing about Exhibition mode is that it has been reported to have the option to turn the display completely off. If you take it off the touchstone, it's supposed to stay that way. If you tap the power button to wake up the display, you have to give it a few seconds to respond, rather than continuing to mash the button over and over.

    Also, what hardware are you running the 2.1 code on?
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    They said a Pre- in the subject.

    And yes, you're bound to run into some oddities using 2.1.

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    I used the official 2.1 doctor on my O2 Germany Pre Minus

    Maybe you're right and I just didn't give it enough time. Should it take some time as well when I'm opening the slider?

    Thanks for the info. Maybe I just handle the situation wrong ^^ However, my housemate told me she called me and when I came into my room the display was turned off and it did not show any notification of missed calls. But I don't remember if the display was turned off as soon as I put it on the Touchstone...
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    There is definitely a delay expected. And coming off the touchstone, if the the screen is completely dark on the touchstone, it will stay that way when you remove it. If Exhibition is running, you should expect a pause and then the screen will wake up (I think)
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    Alright, will give it a try next time

    €dith: OK, just happened again and I was able to wake it using the power button. However, it took a ******* long time
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    so if i bought a att palm pre could I use it to plus my sprint pre??
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    Jesus Christ, it's effing annoying that it turns of the screen. Sometimes I can do whatever I want, it just wont wake up Is there any way I can disable exhibition mode?

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    so if i bought a att palm pre could I use it to plus my sprint pre??
    Yes, you can
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    Same here btw!
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    By any chance any of you have mode switcher installed with it set to turn the screen off? I think mode switcher and exhibition don't play nice with each other. I was having the same problem, and then it dawned on me, mode switcher! I uninstalled it and then exhibition worked fine. I'm gonna try some different settings in mode switcher and see what happens.
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    No ModeSwitcher here.

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