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    The result: 44 hours off charger, 16% life left on battery!

    The details:

    I recently bought our 5th Pre in the family, for my daughter, upgrading her to a smartphone from a Centro before Sprint started their $10 per month fee for new smartphone activations.

    (all 5 bought 3rd party, never a single problem with any of them)

    When I bought this last Pre, at the time we were anticipating webOS 2.0 on legacy devices so I did not bother with Preware and the like, wanting to get 2.0 on board first.

    Well, we know where that went, 2.0 never happened, but I never installed any homebrew. (This just to say it's completely stock, all 4 other Pre's are with homebrew and I would not have it any other way.)

    She gets home from school and puts the phone on the kitchen desk on the charger (plugged in, no stone) where it stays until she has completed her homework, had dinner, and is ready for school the next morning.

    Thursday night, she took the phone off the charger around 9 or 10, placed it into airplane mode after a quick update on texts that flew in the last few hours, to use the phone as an alarm to wake the next morning.

    Waking Friday morning around 5:30, airplane mode is turned off.

    Some texting between friends during the morning before school on Friday AM. School all day Friday, the phone is on, on silent, no or very light use.

    Friday afternoon she goes to a friends to spend the night. She uses the phone throughout Friday night, leaves the phone on during the night (no airplane mode this time) using it for texting and Facebook. Friday night lasts until around 1:00 AM. No charger overnight, the charger is at home.

    Saturday morning, up around 10:00 AM, same text and Facebook routine with phone thrown in all day Saturday.

    Saturday night, around 6:00 PM, she tells me she still has 16% batter left!

    That's pretty fantastic if you ask me!

    In contrast, this morning, I took my Pre off the stone around 6:00 @ 100% and started reading email and this forum, and making this post, setting it down to have coffee, and whatever. My phone is a heavily homebrewed 1 gHz demon. It's 9:25 AM as I am about to post this, my Pre is at 41%. :doh (I love my frakenpre anyway!)
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    i had my heavily patched + on airplane mode (as i needed a watch while waiting for a bus) with the battery at 0% for over an hour. if put an airplanemode these things have tremendous battery life. im just not sure ost of us are going to use that feature often enough.
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    when there is no data, the phone saves tons and tons of batteries. my pre runs for almost a week with airplane mode on.
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    when using Pre with no data transfering,you don't take it as a smartphone...anyway,the batter life is acceptable。
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    For overclocking, try the screen state governor. It changes speeds depending on whether the screen is on or off, so you could set it to as low as you can and the CPU won't use up as much battery (since you're not gonna be using it anyway when the screen is off). That should help extend your battery life.

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    I am on board with the screen state overclocking, for sure.

    I was just surprised with my daughters phone, yes the first night she was on airplane mode, but the final 36 hours was full on.

    No complaining here, I have so many stones all over the place I never notice the battery ever getting critical, just a big contrast from one phone to the other.

    Thanks for posting everyone!

    (p.s. mod, if you read this, I just noticed I butchered the title, should be "battery".)
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