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But Nikon wasn't trying to support something they gained from a business acquisition, were they? Plus they weren't trying to support something that had already been plagued with QA issues under previous management and might cause even more QA issues if they tried to plow it forward?

And even after all that, we're still not talking about the same kind of legacy support here. It sounds like you're talking about accessory gear which in actuality HP plans to continue supporting with the legacy touchstone support.
Granted, a different business situation, but from a technical standpoint Nikon's decision was as significant as HP carrying / not carrying WebOS 1.x forward. It impacted every engineering and support decision within their SLR line of business. Legacy support was a key part of Nikon's corporate identity. It still is as most 20+ year old lenses will still work on many Nikon bodies. Since some of the old pro lenses cost $5K+, it's a bid deal to some photographers. I have a 15 year old lens that I would never part with because of its optical characteristics.

My only point was that HP didn't find it important to keep legacy support, not that it is undoable or always a bad business decision. I think it saved Nikon from becoming irrelevant in the SLR business in the late 90s.