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    so like an hour ago my phone just outta nowhere had no signal. i live in california by hemet and its been raining. idk if its the company that has been struck by lighting or something. but for the past hours i tried rstarting my phone. i did not instill uberkenel but i did install govnah and right now just installed jstop but idk how to use it. should i just wait till tomorrow or what?
    has anyone had this issue? like i just recently got a new palm pre..this is actually a 2 week replacemnt and the camera doesnt work and now seriously wana just sue palm or something. haha please help though!
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    if your trying to make a call and it says network busy. just hang up and try calling again, i live near perris so its not far from you and i get the same thing sometimes. just keep trying or try moving to a better signal area
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    Well i cant make a call or recieve messages. i live in menifee so yeahh ima try to just to go downstairs or outside or soemthing.
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    you can also try turning it to airplane mode on, then turning it back off, also try updating your network settings and see if that helps
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    What do you mean update my networking settings?
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    go to the calling screen (the green dial pad) and push the top left corner where it says sprint. then hit preferences. scroll down and under network setting, hit update network settings
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    I have lame verizon so hopefully it has that. haha
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    it should. have you tried turning airplane mode on and off and see if that helps?
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    Yeeah it didnt help. And I dont see the update thing on here. i gues you can only call it. Lame to the max:/
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    damn that sucks. i hope it works soon
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    Yeah thanks for trying to help though. Hope it's just cuz the rain. We'll see tomorrow.
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    I have the same problem today. I guess it is a hardware problem. This morning, I open my pre trying to fix the "zzzz" sound from the speaker, you know, that's annoying. After that, this problem arised. Now I'm going to ask the carrier to change the sim card.
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    I have test another sim card and the problem remains, OMG, what to do next?
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    Don't panic, its not your phone, its Verizon. I work in Verizon territory and when I'm roaming there (I'm with Sprint), even with 5 bars it often takes over a minute to start ringing, and I regularly get the "network busy" problem for about 10 minutes at a time, and sometimes all day. Nothing you can do about it, it goes away by itself.

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