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    cracked on the top left corner, power button doesn't work, and my space and period (.) keys are not working either.

    hoping it can hold until the summer
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    Here's a pro-tip...Don't leave your Pre in a bag out in the Vegas heat while you're at the pool. The plastic will begin to crack...
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    I have dropped mine, more than a few times and no chips, no cracks. I use mine naked in my pocket, and it is a bit scratched. My volume up stopped working and took off the volume switch and broke the volume down (using patches for volume). Charging door is gone, and silver rubbed off button. Power button is a pain to push (too busy to fix it) but other than that works great.
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    Even though I'm not using it, anymore, mine really took a beating AND a bath and still works.

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    USB door gone
    USB screen crack
    Power button getting quirky and a new cool delay of the action when I press it.

    Not bad for a very heavily used daily phone (it's a launch day Pre-)
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    Mine is in mint shape. I got mine on the bell release date. No issues. My gfs power button is hard to press but other than that hers is in good shape aswell.
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    I have a Pre Plus but thought I'd mention, mine is the same. Cracked top left (kinda like a small chunk taken out of it). And the power button doesnt have its "clickiness" anymore. But that was because I have dropped it on its corners a couple times. Other than that, It still works great.
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    Everything looks and works like the day I bought it. 6/15/09
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    Mine is pretty jack'd up.

    I have the insurance plan with sprint for my phone. If I go in and say I lost my phone, do they still do Pre replacements?
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    yep. Still got plenty. Mine is recently fixed by sprint, screw came loose and screen was gonna pop off! Happened to my last pre and well, duct tape has never been more useful.
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    Mine wasn't too bad, except for some cracks, missing USB flap. (won't dignify it with "door" ) But, thinking it would be at least a few more months, I sprang for a used one on eBay last week which is a little nicer. Both function just fine, just an aesthetic preference on my part.
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    I have had a Invisible Shield on my June of 09 Pre, no scratches or cracks. All of the buttons still work fine and still enjoy using it every day. It has been a really dependable phone of far and I wamt to give a shout out to Jason, webOS Internals and all of the Home Brew community.
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    well my phone is in great shape considering some of you in here , but I do have the cracks forming next to the usb door . I have a phantom skin on my pre so that's helping it a bit I guess but I don't know how much longer it will last lol
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    09/09 Pre looks like the day I bought it except for the touchstone back. Front screen has been protected by Invisible Shield.
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    My first Palm Pre = Still in ike new condition over 1.5 years later, thanks to case and Zagg full body shield.
    Just bought a BRAND NEW Pre Plus ($30 w/ a good ESN) last week so I could plus my Pre, went perfectly. So my 'new' Sprint Pre Plus and my 'old' dev Verizon Pre (running 2.1) are both in like new condition.
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    Got mine release day on Bell Mobility and it's still in near mint shape. That said, I'm anal about caring for my electronics etc so I'm still very satisfied. I don't expect Bell to get any of the new Pres and this hurts. I might terminate with Bell at end of contract and find a Pre solution elsewhere because after three years it will certainly be time to upgrade, no matter what shape my Pre is in.
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    The power button really isn't as responsive as when I got it, but otherwise about as good as the day I bought it (Sprint Pre, December 2009).
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    thanks for homebrewers I'm using the virtual keyboard for spacing. If not, i probably would of be using a droid now since there is no more pre minus on sprint
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    My July 2009 Sprint PRE "classic" is still in great shape: no hardware issues and works well. I finally got around to overclocking it and now regret that I didn't do it sooner. Have a friend that has been through 6 PREs from Sprint but I am still on my first. Go figure.
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    Got my first Pre on ebay in 2009; was in like-new shape and worked great! My Sprint Pre worked for a while, but eventually started to oreo badly, and eventually got to the point where it quit pulling data altogether. Any ways, Sprint TEP got me a shiny replacement, so I bought an Otterbox case, and some generic screen protectors.

    The phone fell off the top of my car one time when I drove off without it, and the case popped off and my back cover got scratched, but it's still in one piece! It's underneath the Otterbox case, so you can't really see it.

    - but yeah, this Pre has lasted me over a year now, so I am not complaining.
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