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    Now, I'm not sure beause I'm used to the custom kernel, but I must say that the battery life is kind of crappy now.

    I was running a 500/1000 MHz screenstate governor with voltages at 988 mV and 1300 mV, which is considerably lower than the stock UberKernel voltages.

    But, it hasn't even been 24 hours yet, I'm just seeing what other people are thinking
    VZW Pre 2 on 2.1

    Thanks webOS Internals!

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    the battery life on my sprint pre- with 2.1 is pretty good.
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    I've also seen the opposite from other posters, saying that their battery life is much improved.

    Not sure if battery calibration is in the battery firmware, or in phone software but maybe it needs to be re-calibrated in 2.1...?
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    definate improvement on battery life here, although on 1.45 I never ran very long without 1gHz OC
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