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    I am generally a blackberry user because I like the speed and instantaneous opening of applications (like messaging, email, etc).

    I had a Pre on launch day and LOVED IT. However, as time went on, it simply got too slow. I got rid of it around August/September.

    Is the device any faster now? I would be willing to overclock to 1GHZ if necessary.

    I have used a majority of the Android phones out there, so if someone could do a speed comparison for me on where the overclocked Pre ranks in terms of speed compared to an Evo or a Galaxy S, that would be great.

    I love Sprint, love WebOS, and the Pre form factor... I just wish it was faster!
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    Not when its overclocked! It comes underclocked @ 500Mhz which is slow for the processing that the Pre has to handle. Using Govnah and UberKernel I have mine clocked at 1Ghz. I suggest searching the forums for these as well as Preware to get your Pre up to Speed.

    Once these are installed it will feel like a brand new phone!

    Other than that the Pre3, which comes clocked at 1.4Ghz, which will hopefully be out on Sprint soon or the Veer which is also pretty speedy!
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    overclocking is the way to go, it make a huge difference in performance
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    or just let your importants apps open and stack them!
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    I would suggest waiting until the overclock for 2.1 comes out... Then it will truly be a speed demon!

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