I'm having some trouble when I make calls and am hoping someone may have a clue as to what's wrong.

The first problem happens sometimes when I make a call and get the person's voicemail. I'll wait for the prompt, start to leave a message, and within a few seconds the phone hangs up! So I call back and finish my message. This has happened several times to different numbers.

The second problem I'm having is that I'll make a call, but it doesn't ring or anything. All I can hear is an echo of whatever my mic is picking up (if I'm running water, moving around, etc.) But the person is getting the call and they can hear me. :S

Microphone issue? Or connection problem?

I did have my headphones in for a long time this morning and there is some static if I accidentally move the plug a little.

Edit: I have a Verizon Pre Plus, 1.4.5.