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    There is great work underway to port the O2 2.1 webOS doctor to other devices.

    One specific item that thread is missing is a method for extracting the Mobile Hotspot feature that exists for Verizon devices and adding this application to the custom doctor created by Meta-Doctor.

    This thread is a help request from people more knowledgeable than myself to figure out how to accomplish this, and add the instructions to the wiki page. The Pre2 2.0.1 doctor has Mobile Hotspot, as does the 1.4.5 doctor. Likely one of these will work

    (FreeTether is not an option for me, as i'm on a 150MB data plan. Verizon users of the Pre+ have 5GB of Mobile Hotspot for free.)
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    Download it. Google is your friend.

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    Thanks for the advice on googling. I know that MHS has been made to work on other carriers. I'm not sure this will work, though.

    Has anyone tried doing this on a VZW Pre+, and does it correctly dock your Mobile Hotspot data plan instead of the phone data plan?

    Since i'm using a Verizon device it seems like it would be better to extract this from the Pre2 2.0.1 doctor and port it to be installed on the 2.1 custom doctor...
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    why not just install freetether from preware?
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    Quote Originally Posted by videogmike View Post
    why not just install freetether from preware?
    My first post says it all: i have a 150mb data plan but get 5gb free data through mobile hotspot.

    Can FreeTether mask itself as mobile hotspot?
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    i was able to install it on mine and it worked!
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    This is now installed as part of the webos2.1 script for Verizon.

    this thread should be closed.

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