So, is there any discussion on the pro's and cons of various upgrade paths for those of us staying on Sprint who's phone are maybe wearing out and would perhaps like a little freshness?

1) Pre minus, update to 2.0, done.
2) Have the Pre minus 'plussed', then go to webOS 2.x, done.
3) Have the Pre minus '2ed' (and boom, there you are, on webOS 2.x) done.

So obviously, the minus to webOS 2.x route is the cheapest, assuming you have life left in your hardware. I suppose one could find some Pre minus for cheap too... I believe that in this case the only catch is the app store still things you are 1.4.5, so no 2.0 only apps. But it is free...

Plussing is going to be, say, $50 for the phone and $50 for the plussing? Then up you go to 2.x. Advantage is perhaps that you are only going to have your data in jeopardy one time? Maybe the guys at WebOSWorld will throw 2.x on there for you? That would be nice. I'll send them an email about that. Anyway, again there is weirdness with the app catalog thinking the phone is a 1.4.5 phone and not giving access to 2.0 apps.

2-ing is going to be expensive. I guess one could grab a unlocked Pre2 for $450, then have their phone 2ed for $50. Advantage here is bit better performance, a brand new phone. I suppose the app catalog won't thing you are 1.4.5 like on the plussed phones on 2.x.

Did I get anything wrong? Miss any drawbacks?