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    Hi guys, I'm switching up my device to a Pre but I'm trying to get up to speed with what I need to know.

    Currently got a Blackberry *blech*, but been fancying a Pre since they were released. I've had it with my failberry, so its time for a change.

    Now, I'm due an upgrade in July/August where I'll probably get the Pre3, but I need a phone now, but I ain't forking about 300 to 400 for a Pre2.

    So, I'm looking at a Pre or a Pre+, to get a feel for them over the next few months. From what I've seen, its right up my street.

    But what I'm wondering is, what are the main differences and drawbacks are between the two? I've seen mention of the Pre not being compatible with the latest OS. Is this an annoyance and are you missing out much if that is the case? Is the Pre+ that much better than a Pre?
    I've had a quick scan here and there, but I prefer hearing it from the experts, the people using them day in day out.
    If there's an article on it on here, link me to it. Only thing I could find on the net comparing the two kept making comparisons to the iPhone and slating the Pre all the time.

    Thanks in advance :-)
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    If your just looking at a hold over device till Pre 3 launch this summer, I'd go with a used Pre +. The Pre + has double the RAM of a Pre -, which makes it run much better.

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