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    About the jump to WebOS 2.1 being to good...

    The thing is we were told our "legacy devices" would receive 2.x... That and Adobe Flash long before then.

    Voice dialing should have been on WebOS since version 1, Quick Office is needed because Docs To Go no longer supports their application and have been bought out, The Palm PDF viewer stinks not so much in functionality (it does though), but in that it can't seem to view 90% of PDF files.

    For HTML 5 we have partial implementations in WebOS version 1.45, for example the "video" tag, but it doesn't work properly.

    Not sure why GPU acceleration wasn't originally implemented (other than that Palm was essentially broke) especially considering the gave the Pre such a powerful mobile GPU that almost never got used. I don't even know if WebOS actually took advantage of the available video hardware acceleration for watching video files or if it did it all on the CPU. Only things I know that use the GPU are some 3rd part PDK apps and this wasn't made feasible without hacking until almost a year later.

    At this point if we are not going to receive WebOS 2.x what are they going to do to make it up to us? Could they at least let us know? At very least they can do this if they can't give a logical reason for deciding to not update older devices at the last second.
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