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    So I have been in this forum for a while now and one thing has persistently perplexed me. How do some of you have so many doggone cell phones?

    "I had the Pre, but then I switched to the Droid, and came back to WebOS when the Pre Plus was released, but now I'm using the Droid X"

    I've read so many comments similar to this (maybe not as exaggerated) and don't understand. Are people rich enough to just be buying phones left and right off contract? What's the trick?
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    when thats all you buy -=) sure why not~!
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    Several possibilities. One is likely early upgrades which would be either with early contract renewals or just running on a one year contract. Another could be discounts from their employer. A third could be service contract replacements. A forth would be private sale/purchase from ebay, craigslist, etc. And there's also the two options already listed of "people are rich" or "they don't spend their money on anything else".
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    I guess I'm just accustomed to getting a phone every 24 months and only knowing people that get phones every 24 months.
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    Dont drink, don't smoke, dont watch sports. Sell old phones on eBay or swap. :-)

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    Young Padawan Use ebay, you must. -Yoda

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    I love Ebay. My Evo is the first phone I bought new on contract in quite a few years.

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    Well, I have Pre+ on Verizon. Then came Incredible and I wanted to have an Android experience too. So went to Verizon asked about adding second line. Got a price shock.
    And then Sprint announced EVO. So I"ve got that. The price for 2 phones is still less then Verizon 2nd line with Android phone. And I still need my Verizon phone, as in some place Sprint is not in sight.
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    Well, with pixis costing 50usd off contract, its a lot easier but I got my droid 2 off ebay from someone going back to blackberry. Patience and care I guess, plus an extra hundred here or there...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hk-usp45 View Post
    The price for 2 phones is still less then Verizon 2nd line with Android phone.
    Were you trying to add a second line to an Unlimited calling plan?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Antares View Post
    Were you trying to add a second line to an Unlimited calling plan?
    No to 450 minutes plan. They said I have to get 700 min family plan, and then all internet and data plan for the "smart" phone.

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